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Available Services

Diet Plan

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching includes weekly or biweekly check-in sessions and open daily communication with the dietitian-nutritionist (via text and/or email).


You will receive access to PERSONALIZED meal plans and recipes (based on your specific calorie, macronutrient, and micronutrient needs) and have the option to get an at-home nutrient testing kit (omega-3, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and/or hemoglobin A1C). 

Get 1 month of personalized nutrition coaching FREE when you book 6 months! 

This is reserved for clients who are committed to changing their lives for the better. Ongoing coaching and follow-up are the keys ensuring to lifelong success.

Why Speak with a Dietitian-Nutritionist?

Do you struggle with any of the following issues?


  • Not knowing what diet recommendations specifically apply to you and your condition.

  • Feeling like every food is off limits. 

  • Fearing ending up on dialysis.

  • Not knowing what all your lab work means.

  • Not knowing what to eat when you have several chronic conditions with specific diet requirements - putting it "all together".

  • Not understanding the "why" behind the importance of following diet recommendations.

  • Not knowing how to decipher nutrition labels.

  • Not losing weight despite eating healthy foods.

  • Not seeing improvements in performance - strength/endurance. 

  • Not gaining weight/muscle mass.

  • Not knowing what types of foods/beverages are good pre- and post-workout.

  • Not knowing what supplements to take or not to take.

  • Not knowing if you're eating the right amounts of fat, carbs, or protein. 


Let’s get started on a plan that specifically works for you and your lifestyle today!

        Which insurance plans do you accept?    

Medicare Part B of Florida
(Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease stages 3-5 ONLY; physician referral required )



Optum Physical Health: Health Allies - Discount Plan

Bright Health


*Please note - NuSparkle Nutrition is in process to start accepting other insurance plans, however,

NuSparkle Nutrition can bill as an out-of-network provider. The client pays the fee upfront and an insurance claim will be sent to the insurance company (exception: Florida Blue). If the services are covered, the client is reimbursed the amount the insurance company paid. A verification of benefits form can be provided prior to your visit if you would like to check your benefits beforehand.

Medical Nutrition Therapy is a preventative care service. 

Currently only providing virtual visits via a HIPAA compliant service.

Grocery Store Tours are still provided in person (in Jacksonville, FL). 

If you would like to get started, please fill out the nutrition coaching application under the "Work with Emily" tab. 


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